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Devon’s Netflix Picks for: Girls Night

Devon’s Netflix Picks for: Girls Night

             In my personal experience, there is no other night that can make me laugh, cry, or consume as much Ben and Jerry’s ice cream as Girl’s Night can. Girl’s Night is an age old tradition that is unique to each set of best friends. Whether you and your girls enjoy face masks, going out for chocolate meltdowns, copious amounts of wine, or just staying in to talk, Girl’s Night is never complete without a good movie. Here is a list of my personal favorite Girl’s Night flicks you can find on Netflix, so get your girls together, put on your coziest sweatpants, and grab plenty of tissues because you’re in for a treat.

For A Good Time, Call… (2012)


Director: Jamie Travis

Starring: Lauren Anne Miller, Ari Graynor, Justin Long

Netflix Description: “Fate lands former college rivals Lauren and Kate together in the same apartment, where they launch a professional phone sex line to make ends meet.”

Thoughts: As a testament to how wonderful this movie would be for Girl’s Night, the second I finished watching this, I called my best friend to tell her just how bad she needed to see it. This movie had me laughing start to finish, with what I considered a very real depiction of 21st century women just trying to get by. I thought the female leads maintained the quirkiness that this indie film called for, while also being very realistic and flawed characters. Although I’m not quite sure the sex hotline business is still bustling in this day and age, the scenes of Kate and Lauren faking their way through phone calls had me laughing out loud. I also appreciated the way this film challenged social norms, because of course two young women running a phone sex hotline may not be considered “respectable” or “ladylike,” these characters prove that you don't have to be ashamed of the way you make ends meet. I didn’t just love this film for the raunchy humor and frequent celebrity appearances, namely Seth Rogan and Kevin Smith, I loved it for its honest depiction of female friendship. This is the first film I’ve watched in a while that features an accurate depiction of loving your best friend, no matter how stubborn and crazy that bitch may be.

Tear Factor: A single tear

Laughs: 9/10, very dirty humor

Watch If You Like: Broad City, Pineapple Express, Juno

Watch If You Want: to Laugh, to celebrate Girl Power


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

Director: Ken Kwapis

Starring: Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn

Netflix Description: “Four besties must part for the first time. But a pair of jeans keeps them connected and changes their lives.

Thoughts: Every time I watch this film I wish I were watching it with my squad from home. As a personal childhood favorite, I would recommend The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I always thought Sisterhood did a fantastic job of explaining how hard it is to be 16, no matter what circumstance a girl is in. This film explores topics like divorce, first love, mental illness, losing your virginity, and losing a loved one. Even with heart-wrenching topics such as these, this film somehow continues to keep it light and cherish the importance of female friendships. It also hones in on the importance of understanding diversity, growing up in a way that no other childhood films have. Although this film is definitely a little more dramatic than I usually prefer, it never fails to leave me with a renewed love for my girl gang and a refreshed hatred for early 2000’s fashion.

Tear Factor: I definitely did NOT cry seven separate times, absolutely no way…

Laughs: 7/10

Watch If You Like: Gilmore Girls, Crossroads, Princess Diaries

Watch If You Want: to Cry, to celebrate Girl Power


13 Going on 30 (2004)

Director: Gary Winick

Starring: Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo

Netflix Description: “She’s sick of being a geeky kid. Now she’s got her chance as a grown-up. This is gonna be…fun?”

Thoughts: This is another childhood classic that never fails to make my day. From the film’s beginning, you can almost taste how embarrassing it is to be 13. Jennifer Garner does a wonderful job of expressing how confusing growing up can be, because who hasn’t wished to skip past their miserable teenage years and get straight to their 30s. Mark Ruffalo also slays me in this movie, so if your type is grumpy, scruffy men with a heart of gold, I would recommend this movie for you. This classic stands as the reigning romantic-comedy of my picks, so if you and your girls need a laugh and little eye candy I would definitely choose this film.

Tear Factor: cried a few times, a classic Rom-Com

Laughs: 7/10

Watch If You Like: What a Girl Wants, Never Been Kissed, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Watch If You Want: to cry, to laugh, to marry Mark Ruffalo


Keith (2008)

Director: Todd Kessler

Starring: Elizabeth Harnois, Jesse McCartney

Netflix Description: Natalie is high school royalty, but her status soon crumbles when she falls for-- and soon befriends-- new guy Keith, who seems to be hiding something.”

Thoughts: If you were looking for a love story to rip your heart right out of your chest, then Keith is the film for you. This movie is one of my personal go-to picks for a good cry, and although I’m not usually fond of teen drama films, I could watch Keith over and over again. First of all, it features a rare onscreen performance by my first celebrity crush, Jesse McCartney. I would like to think that most girls my age can’t listen to “Beautiful Soul” without going into full belt, so obviously it’s a treat to see this pop sensation on screen. I would recommend this film for the heart wrenching plot twist at the end. I don't intend to leave any spoilers, but I just have to say, the last thirty minutes of this film had my heart aching so bad that I haven’t looked at a pick up truck the same way since. So, if you’re looking for a Netflix treasure that is both quirky and heartbreaking, try Keith for your next Girl’s Night In.  

Laughs: 5/10, some hilarious prank scenes and witty banter

What If You Like: Charlie St. Cloud, A Walk to Remember

What If You Want: to ugly cry, to swoon over a brooding Jesse McCartney

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