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A beacon of darkness: Vera Wang Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Collection

A beacon of darkness: Vera Wang Autumn/Winter 2016-17 Collection

            With a booming past of elegant and classic bridal gowns, Vera Wang has created a domain of ornamental grace for her collections to thrive in. However, she has recently stepped out of her realm into a moody and brooding world that marries darkness and sensuality in a harmonious union. As the seductive dusk began to fade around the illuminated floor of the runway, a brilliantly simplistic yet modernly feminine Vera Wang collection debuted in this month’s New York Fashion Week. 

          Tuxedo blacks and whites kick off the collection in the form of long skirts with large slits up one leg, featuring details of leather white or black buckles at the hip. Cropped and structured tank tops with interestingly placed diagonal leather straps over plain white dress shirts accompany the skirts. After several white and black bib tops, shadowy blazers, high neckline pleated dresses, and black and grey coats fly down the runway to the sound of classical music, the audience discovered a twist in the collection. 

         A buttery yellow and deep purple blotted chiffon dress covering a black bralette and pants shifted the entire show to a new tempo. Colors of muted olive and army green, lavender, and beige began to elevate and mix with the dimness of the black pieces to give off a sensual and moody atmosphere. Although the assemblages begin to change significantly throughout the show, Wang stylishly chose to keep various elements constant. The thick and tall black platform sandals, strong brows and minimal makeup, and natural hair tucked into collars, that each model dons, keeps the collection cohesive and neat. 

           From all black ensembles, to sheer floral dresses and beige structural coats paired with boxy shorts, Vera Wang displayed a wildly unique yet minimal collection with a commendable balance between controlled and organic rudiments. Wang has paved the road of Autumn and Winter ready-to-wear in a beautifully dark collection of youngly sophisticated items that leaves the audience wanting more this season.