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Best and Worst Looks of The Met Gala 2016

Best and Worst Looks of The Met Gala 2016

                  Never has any weekday felt quite as glamorous as this first Monday of May, for the annual Met Gala has finally arrived. The sun set and brought out shining stars, both in the sky and on the red carpet, as an array of celebrities posed for pictures in their dazzling gowns and ensembles. Coinciding with the theme of this year’s Met Gala, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”, many icons stepped out in technology inspired fashion. Some were executed flawlessly, while others fell flat and seemed to go a bit too far. So without further ado, here are my choices for the 5 best and worst looks of the 2016 Met Gala.


Best Looks:

5.          Adriana Lima

Subtly taking on the theme of technology in fashion, Adriana Lima landed a perfect ensemble as she walked in a tea length Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress paired with simple black strap heels, a black clutch, and gorgeous red lips. Falling blue flowerets on the flouncy skirt mixed cohesively with the black structured top with jewel detailing and made for a sweetly beautiful blend between industry and nature.






4.          Zoe Saldana

An incredible marriage occurred between Dolce & Gabbana’s famous design and a gorgeous star on this year’s Met Gala red carpet.  Zoe Saldana arrived in a jaw-dropping ball gown completely adorned with kaleidoscopic feathers that cascaded into a sweeping train. The pairing of the modest black bodice and the exquisite skirt made her stand out amongst the cold tech-inspired outfits, which made for an invigorating sight.

3.          Kendall Jenner

Who better to sport the trendy designs of Atelier Versace than the brightest face in the recent spotlight? Kendall rocked this year’s carpet in a sleek and intricately designed gown, with slight sequin and mesh filled cutouts that met around even more large midriff cutouts, which tailored her elite model figure to perfection.







2.          Alicia Vikander

As one of the newest megastars of this year, she owned the steps up to the Met in a gorgeously mix-matched mini dress from Louis Vuitton. The red patent bodice, atop the metallic sequined, printed, and layered skirt, paired with a quirky sock-with-heel-duo, made for an unforgettably adorable and crafted look.







1.          Brie Larson

Brie Larson glided down the runway in one of the best looks of the night by far. Oversized sequins shimmered on the four-tier Proenza Schouler dress that garlanded her fit figure. Her dark lips, suede black pumps, and minimalist silver jewelry elevated the extra detailing on the dress and created a look that really got me into the fashion technology theme, without beating me over the head with it. One word: Flawless.






Selena Gomez

Emily Ratajakowski

Worst Looks:

5.          Nicki Minaj

Minaj’s look was simply all boobs and no style at this year’s gala. The bedazzled buckles, patent straps, sheer skirt, and exposed cleavage made this Moschino dress feel overdone and excessive. Rather than looking like a creative mix between edge and sophistication, which one can only hope was her goal; she resembled a promiscuous villain that just did not belong on a red carpet.






4.          Julie Macklowe

Calling all hidden aliens on earth! The mother ship has returned and Julie Macklowe says its time to go home! Her ill-fitting chrome and gold Philipp Plein jumpsuit assaulted my eyes with its abundance of patterns and shapes from head to toe and definitely took the technology theme too literally. On the plus side, at least we know who’s a genuine fan of robots now.






3.          Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw is that you? On last night’s red carpet Sarah Jessica Parker also jumped on the early 2000’s nostalgia train, as she appeared in a rather casual Monse get-up fit for 2003. The baggy capris, all white tank top, pirate looking jacket (plus the extra hand fluff at the cuffs), and blue satin shoes really felt like nothing more than a glorified Sex and the City costume. As a true beauty and normally praised style icon, it was safe to say that I was extremely underwhelmed with Ms. Parker’s look.



2.          Taylor Swift

While I appreciate Swift’s recent attempt to incorporate an edge to her style, her Met Gala look really did not help her case. The Louis Vuitton snakeskin printed velvet dress with ruffles, leather, and cutouts (which seemed to be a theme of the evening), paired with knee high strappy heels, made her outfit look just as messy as her newly bleached bob. She seemed to resemble 2016 grunge Barbie after a shambolic night on the town. Or who knows? Maybe she was just feeling nostalgic for Limited Too.



1.          Madonna

Ladies and Gents, Madonna apparently wants us to know that she is nothing “like a virgin”. Givenchy Haute couture dressed the star in a bodysuit overlaid with sheer black lace, which resembled a true hot mess, AKA the worst look of the night. There was word that the ensemble was inspired by Madonna’s beloved muscle tape that she consistently uses on her tours. However, I found the look to be utterly sloppy and more like a poorly made costume for a modern mummy porno.

P.S. Did I mention her whole butt was out too?


Dishonorable Mentions

Kris Jenner


                  Considering the Met Gala’s illustrious reputation for being the epicenter of red carpet fashion and iconic looks that have come about in the past decade, this year’s attire felt wholly underwhelming. With constant chrome gowns and shiny, cold silver, almost every star’s look felt extremely redundant and lackluster, regardless of the occasional creative few in the mix. Despite my slight disappointment from this year’s arrivals, I will always continue to look forward to the fashion-forward event of the year. 

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